Over the years, I’ve had many conversations with disappointed employees and middle managers, who, tired of having to participate in never-ending professional development activities that fail to contribute towards the individual’s professional and wider career goals, had lost motivation and trust in their employer.  I decided to write about it after reading an article in […]

 Mentoring is becoming an increasingly popular tool for leadership development in the world of business. One reason for this is the general acceptance that professional development is a continuous activity, including at senior levels. Another reason is the evolving nature of executive roles, which sees them dealing with more complexities and environmental changes than ever before. […]

Worry is a very common emotion, it is present in our every day life to some degree of intensity. Right now you might be worried about climate change, about fuel prices in our city, about a colleague who doesn’t seem her usual self today or about the general wellbeing of a loved one. But you […]