Hello and Welcome!

My name is Barbara Rubio and I am a Relationships & Identity Coach. This means that I help people develop conscious, positive relationships by discovering, embracing and protecting who they are.

I coach people just like yourself as they move from feeling like victims of their past relationships to understanding the role that the mind plays in shaping their current experience of what seems real and important.

Through this transformative coaching, my clients experience deep insights into their own story which offer them a fresh perspective, a more compassionate lens from which to look at themselves and their experience. This is where healing takes place and where new beliefs, habits and thought patterns can be renewed in order to become the person they want to attract.

Here’s a bit more about myself

I have had my fair share of traumatic experiences at different points in my life, which lead to a huge identity crisis, fear of men, issues with my body image, loss of my voice and anxiety when interacting in large groups or with figures of authority.

I suffered prolonged sexual abuse as a child in primary school and this left the biggest imprint in my character and personality. It took 20 years of introspection, therapy and a range of other tools to be able to experience a significant shift in the perception of my experience and the role of those involved in it. It took twenty years for ME to be born and for ME to feel and BE free. It took over 20 years for me to become a ‘conscious relationshiper’, put self-love first and make my relationship with myself an example of my ‘ideal’ relationship with a partner.

While it is true that my experiences cannot be erased, I learnt to separate myself from the identity I had created of myself following those events. I discovered and defined my true identity and with it I have fallen in love with myself the way I expected others to fall in love with me.

What followed can only be explained as the happiest years and relationships (personal and professional) of my life.

And in case you were wondering about my qualifications and experience…

I have been an educator, trainer, mentor and coach for the last 15 years supporting those I worked with as they struggled to become the people they knew they were meant to be.

Everyone out there is living, and trying to cope with, the effects of trauma in their lives. Without addressing these issues and gaining a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us we cannot make progress towards bigger goals. We can’t break the patterns and fulfil our potential to fully transform our lives, our communities, our businesses and the world.

I teach people how to bridge the gaps between where and who they are now and where and who they want to be. I coach them as they identify and use the tools that best suit their current situation and guide them along their journey of growth and transformation.

My mission is to work with people who are fed-up of feeling that the world is against them. People who want to create healthier, more conscious relationships at all levels: stop dating the wrong type, enjoy a trusting, loving relationship and gain a better understanding of themselves and the world by conquering their past, overcoming their limitations and giving birth to the incredible person they are.

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